There are many ways to maintain your system, whether it be a laptop or desktop running at peak efficiency.  Several programs do this automatically and do a reasonably good job by monitoring the performance index and the number of temporary files clogging the system.

I am in the process of evaluating several other programs – free and paid programs that can assist in maintaining your system or systems in Tip-Top performance and will be posting links to these programs ASAP under the drop-down above “Software”.  My company, of course, offers periodic tune-ups and that is the best choice but can be more expensive than buying a program or relying on a free program to automatically keep systems running smoothly.  Many work with Mac systems as well as with PC’s but although I have been working on some Mac Systems lately, my main focus has been on PC’s and that is where my main focus has been.  If you have a Mac and need help with any issues, FT On-Site would be happy to assist.

I do sell service contracts to moderate the cost and a quick tuneup (15 to 30 minutes) can work wonders on a system to keep it trouble free.

See “Pre-Paid Service Contracts” under“On-Site & Remote Computer Services Price List” or under the “Services” Tab above for detailed information.

I welcome any questions – call 916-424-3956 or e-mail Ron at

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