Hi.  My name is Ron Barnes – Owner of  FT On-Site Computer Repair Company.

My company was originally called Fast Tech On-Site Computer Repair Company but in 2005 I changed the name.  My focus has always been to provide on-site assistance for all manner of computer-related issues, including networking, virus detection and removal, including malware.

Lately, I have been using remote assistance more for the convenience of my clients, it also is much faster if the service request doesn’t require my presence On-Site.

I build custom computers and have built many since I started the company in 1996.




Founder – FT On-Site Computer Repair Company – 1996

E-Mail – altair@fsttech.com

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    • Thank you very much, Phyllis! It was a pleasure to assist you with your technology issues and I look forward to assisting you further as needed. I strongly feel our technology should be wonderfully assistive and helpful for our lives and business & not a headache! I started the business 22 years ago with that idea in mind. Sometimes it can be so frustrating when equipment or software are not working correctly! Setting up new equipment, software and networking is a challenge sometimes and I am often called upon to help clients with those issues also. If I can relieve the stress for my clients associated with IT issues my mission is a success…

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