Computer Maintenance:

Real Time with Client Interaction – A regular maintenance program for your computer is essential to keep it running smoothly.  Like a vehicle, it can break down and be very costly to repair if not being properly taken care of.  It can also be very costly with down-time (not having access to your PC).  FT On-Site uses several programs and procedures to optimize a PC and keep it running optimally with regular maintenance.  This could be done On-Site or via Remote Support using Supremo (Secure Remote Support Connection).  We consider it a priority to get your system fully operational with as little inconvenience as possible!

Remote Support without Client Interaction – We offer this service on a bi-monthly schedule, as needed or depending on the workload of the PC,  it could be longer or shorter – plans are open to customization.  Remote login at your convenience can be arranged so as to not interfere with normal operation of the PC.  Using Log-Me-In (Secure Remote Support Connection) a connection could be setup and login, reboot of system could be accomplished without the owner of PC needing to be there.  A note from the owner could be left on the desktop of PC and a checklist of concerns could be addressed during routine service.  A Pre-Paid Service Contract would be the most efficient method of payment at a reduced cost (5% less per hour).  See ‘On-Site & Remote Computer Services Price List’ for all pricing info.